Why Buy Vynacol?

Vynacol is the first colour masterbatch designed specifically for rigid PVC. No more compatibility and homogenisation problems!

Vynacol contains additives which actually improve and enhance the characteristics of the base PVC.

Easy of processing, improved weld strength, increased ductility and impact strength (specially at low temperatures) plus a high gloss finish are all benefits resulting from using Vynacol.

Vynacol's ingredients have been selected for good weatherability and excellent colour ageing characteristics. UV stabilisers and absorbers can be added. Suitable pigments allow Vynacol to meet all European food contact, packaging and EN71 (toy) criteria.

We can deliver Vynacol in less time that it takes to get a standard off the shelf universal product.

No matter what quantity you need, we colourmatch and deliver in 2-3 weeks to any point in Europe.

Vynacol can be easily dispersed at a recommended dosage of between 1% and 2%. Overdosing at rates up to 8% is possible with no effects on processing or physical properties