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What Is Vynacol?

Vynacol Masterbatch® is the answer to all the compatibility and processing issues previously associated with adding colour to both rigid and flexible PVC materials.

Since its launch in 2000, processors throughout the world have discovered that the use of Vynacol makes adding colour to PVC just as easy and hassle free as colouring any other polymer. We are proud that 99% of processors who trial this Masterbatch then go on to purchase production quantities.

Consider the possibilities created by the elimination of compatibility issues and the ability to enjoy the benefits of lower polymer costs, reduced stock holding and the production flexibility offered through using masterbatches.

Vynacol is available in both Granule or Prill form

Granules – provides a standard pellet size of 3.2mm.

Prill - spherical beads typically 1.2 to 1.5mm diameter – this format presents a high surface area that gives a better distributive mixing of pigments and additives and hence significantly enhanced homogenization.

For applications requiring only low levels of colour or additive the Low Density Ratios (LDRs) involved, can lead to poor distribution due to the small number of masterbatch pellets present in the mix. As the masterbatch pellet size decreases, the number of pellets increases for any given LDR, greatly improving their distribution and the quality of the final product.

Smaller pellets are also of significant benefit when adding colour or additives to powder based materials. The addition of conventionally sized masterbatch to powders such as PVC blends can lead to separation after mixing; Mini- or Micro-pellets (granules with a standard size of less than 1.1mm) are much closer in size to the powders and are much less likely to separate during conveying or feeding into the process equipment.