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A joint venture company, Vynacol Limited, has been formed by Colour Tone Masterbatch and MetPro Group to expand European product sales for Vynacol, the world’s first polymer specific colour masterbatch for PVCu. Based in the Republic of Ireland the company will be 55% owned by MetPro with Colour Tone holding the remaining 45%. Vynacol Limited will focus on developing existing business for Vynacol masterbatch that MetPro has built up over the last three years and enable a dedicated approach to securing new customers. For this reason the company is targeting sales of  €5 million within 12 months. Vynacol Limited has exclusive rights to market Vynacol masterbatch products in continental Europe, North Africa and the Middle East. Manufacturing and sales within the UK will continue to be managed by Colour Tone.Both MetPro and ColourTone have worked closely together for the past seven years and their relationship was further strengthened with the formation of MetPro Plastic Technologies (MPT) which was established to market and provide technical support for masterbatch sales, including Vynacol. MetPro Group is a successful technology-based manufacturing company located in Tralee, Co. Kerry, and supplies special plastic additives and packaging systems worldwide. With a network of overseas distributors the company is well placed to introduce Vynacol masterbatches to international markets and has already appointed experienced agents in key European market sectors.                                                                       

Colour Tone Masterbatch is one of the fastest growing specialist masterbatch manufacturers in the UK. The company produces universal masterbatches, polymer specific masterbatches, and custom additive blends for commodity plastics and engineering polymers in less time than it takes to source a standard product.Tony Gaukroger and Steve Morris, joint managing directors of Colour Tone Masterbatch, and Rick Earley, managing director of MetPro Group, see the move as a logical step following the huge success of Vynacol masterbatch in the UK where sales have grown 300% per year for the past three years.


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