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A new polymer specific colour masterbatch for rigid PVC, which allows it to be coloured as easily as any other plastic material has enormous potential for the PVC processing market. Until now the PVC masterbatches have worked well in flexible grades of the material, but have suffered compatability and homogenisation problems when used to add colour to rigid PVC, with adverse effects on its physical properties. However, by using a new formulation, together with specially modified production plant, the company has introduced Vynacol, a free flowing granular product which overcomes these problems, enabling processors to enjoy the benefits of lower polymer costs, reduced stock holding and the production flexibility offered through using masterbatches. Vynacol can easily be dispersed at a recommended dosage of between 1 and 2%, when used with filled or unfilled grades. Overdosing at rates of up to 5% is possible with no effects on processing or physical properties, and it contains additives which can actually improve and enhance the characteristics of the base PVC. Ease of processing, improved weld strength, increases ductility and impact strength (especially at low temperatures) plus a high gloss finish are all benefits resulting from using the new material. Ingredients have been selected for good weatherability and excellent colour aging characteristics, and UV stabilisers and absorbers can be added, while suitable approved pigments allow Vynacol to meet all European food contact, packaging and EN71 (toy) criteria.

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