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Issue 7: July 2007 - A riot of colour at K2007 Stand 7.2 F45

A lavish display of rigid PVC products coloured with Vynacol polymer-specific masterbatch designed to celebrate the success of this world class patented colouring technology will dominate stand 7.2 F45 at K2007.

The bright, vibrant colours and superior finish of the products shown will demonstrate the quality, ease of use, versatility and powerful impact of Vynacol masterbatch.

Vynacol remains the world’s first and only polymer-specific colour masterbatch that allows colour to be introduced without the addition of any ingredients alien to rigid PVC materials. It eliminates compatibility issues so effectively that adding colour to rigid PVC becomes as easy as colouring any other plastic material.

Since its launch seven years ago Vynacol has revolutionised the colouring of rigid PVC and enabled processors to benefit from lower polymer costs, reduced stock holding and the production flexibility offered through using masterbatches. It has influenced decision makers throughout the plastics industry, won accolades and brought recognition to Colour Tone Masterbatch, where the material was developed by Tony Gaukroger.

Companies in the UK, Europe, North America and the Pacific Rim have successfully coloured PVC materials used to produce many products including packaging, toys, profile extrusions, rainwater goods, roofline products, bottles, and glazing components.

Vynacol is available as a free-flowing product in granular or prill form and as monopigment concentrates. A carrier version has also been developed that will enable processors to add their own colours. Samples of products coloured with heat reflective Vynacol colour masterbatches that reduce surface temperatures by up to 40% will also be displayed.

Come and see the show. Sunglasses will be available.

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